dana banana (xx_rapunzel_xx) wrote in mac_osx,
dana banana

My Mac ate my album. (x-posted to appleworld)

I just put a CD inside my MacBook Pro, and for some reason it isn't showing up in iTunes or my Desktop. Could it be:

- that I've been using the "CD thing" (I can't believe I don't know what to call it) more than usual lately because I've been importing music into iTunes and I might've overused it?

- that it's a CD-R and not an actual album (most of my CDs have been like that so far), so the quality is cheaper and it's not reading as well?

- that I just need to restart my computer?

I also tried "Eject Disc" but nothing's happening. My laptop is not even a year old. What do I do?

ETA: Problem solved! A restart did the trick :) I'll keep this post up just in case anyone else has this problem, though.
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