Kio Arthur Dane (kiodane) wrote in mac_osx,
Kio Arthur Dane

Let's make a happy community about reviewing Apple Stuff

 I want to let you know that I have created a few communities (because I couldn't decide on what spelling to use) that are meant to seed discussion about the relative merits and weaknesses of Apple products and acknowledge that while no human construct is perfect, we choose to spend our time, money, and attention on these devices and software.

All are welcome, except those who can't play nice.

Feel free to join the community on the user profile pages, and get to discussing!

Pick your favorite spelling or more:

And to be honest, if none of these go anywhere, I'm not too upset.  I just thought that while outsiders, noobs, and die-hard PC users may deem any Mac user as a "Mac Lover" which may be true, but it doesn't mean we "hate" everything else.  I myself use Windows and Linux on a daily basis, and each has it's merits and finesse that are unique.  And other platforms adopting those elements is not a failure of adoption, but a win for all users!

So, if you happen to like Apple products and you've got something you want to share, a cool feature, a point of frustration, come share it with us.  Maybe someone can help out or you can help them out!

If you think you want to help moderate one of these communities, I'm welcome to help too.

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