Brian (eight_thirteen) wrote in mac_osx,

Help! (x-posted)

I upgraded to Snow Leopard yesterday, and since then, I have had some major problems I cannot figure out.

First, I cannot use "Save" or "Save As" in Photoshop (CS3) without the program immediately crashing. I have reinstalled CS3, I have reinstalled Snow Leopard, I have repaired the startup disk from the install DVDs, I have zapped the pram, repaired permissions, deleted the Photoshop preference files... everything I could think of, and it still crashes every time I try to save.

Second, though not as important, it is still frustrating. I use one of the photo screen savers, the one where it takes photos from one of my folders and drops them on the desktop one by one in a random order and eventually fills up the screen, then keeps "throwing" more photos on top, endlessly. Now, (and this is happening on all three of my computers), the screen saver works fine for a time, but then it restarts from the beginning and then only shows one or two photos before restarting again. This is not as important as the Photoshop issue, but I would still like to resolve it.

Any suggestions?
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