dana banana (xx_rapunzel_xx) wrote in mac_osx,
dana banana

iPhoto or my camera? (posted to apple_world as well)

Alright, so I have a Canon Powershot SD 360 Camera. The last time I uploaded pics onto iPhoto must've been sometime in April.

There are 54 photos that I have uploaded onto iPhoto that are now deleted off my camera and have been for some time. When I try to upload pics now, it says that I can't upload any new ones from my camera because iPhoto doesn't recognize it.

I get something like:

Unreadable Files: 54

The following files could not be imported (they may be an unrecognizable file type or the files may not contain valid data.)

Example of the files that show up: /private/tmp/501/TemporaryItems/iPhoto/IMG_1643.JPG

When I click "Okay", the import option shuts off and won't allow me to upload the new pictures I have on my camera.

So, my question is... does this problem have to do with iPhoto or my camera? I have an older version of iPhoto on a very old laptop, but I never had a problem until now. If it's my camera... I sure hope I don't have to delete any of my pictures. That would be most unfortunate. :(

Anyone think they might have a clue?
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