dana banana (xx_rapunzel_xx) wrote in mac_osx,
dana banana

Which is better?

Hey guys, I asked a question about this earlier, but I just wanted opinions on this.

I have an old iBook G4, about 4 years old. It has almost 30 GB of memory. PowerPC, not Intel. I can't install Adobe Flash Player because it only installs on 10.4 and I have 10.3.9. I also just got one of those Flip video cameras (?) for Christmas, but it won't work unless I have 10.5.

I'm wondering at this point: should I get an upgrade for my current Mac (which will take 5-6 GB of space up) or is it better just to get a whole new laptop already? Maybe some people can share their experiences...? Hopefully? Thanks :) I have no idea what to do and I'm currently in limbo here, haha.

P.S. Anyone know where I can get an earlier version of Adobe? It sucks not being able to watch TV episodes online :(
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